In 1986, The United College Employees of FIT established the UCE Scholarship program. This program honors selected FIT AAS graduates who have made substantial contributions to the community, while maintaining the highest scholarly standards.

We started with two $1,500 scholarships. Today we offer up to five $3,000 scholarships to AAS candidates in an FIT Baccalaureate program.

This is the UCE legacy. You should be proud. Now, you can create a lasting legacy. Recently the UCE created a tax-exempt, non-profit entity that is dedicated to maintaining and managing the UCE Scholarship Fund. The goal is to never lose sight of the values our union holds high. The UCE Scholarship Fund is an award program for our students who are 2 year FIT AAS graduates accepted into the FIT upper division. We want the program to continue for as long as FIT exists. This can only happen with your support.

Please consider giving the UCE Scholarship Fund a gift to contribute to academic excellence, and the values we all hold in high esteem.

The distinction of these awards is illustrated by those distinguished colleagues for whom we have named them. They are leaders and scholars who lead our union in its formative years and continued to teach our students. The first was in the name of George Levinson, a professor who taught business courses, was active at home where he lived in addition to here at FIT, his home away from home. The second award honors Judy Parkas, an admirably athletic woman, who taught in our School of Liberal Arts, while serving as a leader in the union and at home in her community. The third award honors Joe Garofalo, a leader in our union and one whose dedication to this organization and our students was unparalleled. Joe taught the science of textiles and brought our students up and down the east coast to visit textile factories and mills, while maintaining the UCE treasury and raising a family.

And not least of all the man who spent more time on union matters than anyone we know, Lou Stollar. He served as president for over 30 years. Our fourth scholarship is named after him; a psychologist, who taught our students, lead our local, negotiated our wages, working conditions, and benefits. Lou represented community colleges on the state and national level as well as the international community.

The fifth award called the Leadership Scholarship honors all UCE leaders past and present for their time and effort to keep the union strong. In particular, this award is dedicated to the Officers, appointed and elected Committee members of the United College Employees of FIT.

We want this program to continue and we can do so with your assistance. Your tax deductible contribution will contribute to a heritage of academic excellence and altruism. We are expanding our Fund to accept planned gifts and to insure enduring support for future generations. For further information, contact any trustee of the UCE Scholarship Fund or visit the website listed below. Thank you.

Donations should be made out to:

The UCE Scholarship Fund
Seventh Avenue at 27th Street, Room B902
New York City 10001
Phone: (212) 217-7690

The UCE Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, TAX ID# 20-5422759.

Contributions are tax deductible under section 170 of the IRS code.

We are a private foundation as recognized by the IRS.

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