Date: January 2024

To: FIT AAS Candidates

From: The UCE Leadership Scholarship Awards Committee
Re: Nominating Guidelines for the 2024 UCE Leadership Scholarship

The selection process for UCE Leadership Scholarship Awards begins with you. Scholarship awards are possible for graduating two-year AAS candidates who continue their education at FIT in an upper division program. The scholarships are up to $3,000.

We are asking you to self-nominate if you are a two-year AAS candidates with a 3.25 GPA or higher. The candidate must have clearly demonstrated Leadership & Community Service. Candidates must be eligible to attend Commencement in May 2024, and must be a full time FIT upper division student in the Fall of 2024 in Art & Design or Business & Technology.

Minimum requirements for all of the UCE Leadership Scholarships are:
- Leadership: active in FIT student life and home communities;
- Scholarship: a GPA of 3.25 or higher;
- Will be an FIT upper division student in Fall 2024;
- An interview by the UCE Scholarship Committee;
- Complete the two-year FIT AAS program by May 2024;
- Each nominated student must complete a detailed questionnaire;
- Nominee must be eligible to participate in AAS commencement ceremonies in May;
- Maximum of 6 transfer credits towards their FIT AAS degree;
- Nominees must provide three letters of reference (at least two from FIT faculty).

There are five different awards. In addition to the minimum requirements listed above,  there are special requirements for the four named awards – they are the Louis Stollar, George Levinson, Joseph Garofalo and Judith Parkas scholarships. 


Please complete the attached questionnaire and submit it with a photocopy of your Spring 2024 class schedule and your Fall audit-- delivered in a sealed envelope -- by hand to Prof. Isabella Bertoletti, in the UCE office, Room B902, by 3:00pm on Friday, March 15, 2024. Letters of recommendation must be mailed directly by your references.


The UCE Scholarship Awards Committee will consider only complete applications and screen students for their Leadership, Service & Academic qualifications regarding these awards. The committee will interview final candidates.


2024 Application Form


2024 Recommendation Form






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